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See how the FX250 can increase productivity and reduce cost


The FX250's pick up and accuracy rate while autonomously cleaning. ​


The maximum square footage that the FX250 autonomous cleaning robot covers in 1 hour.

8 hrs

How long the FX250 commercial cleaning robot can clean on only one battery charge.

Learn more about the FX250.

Why Floor Cleaning?

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) caused by overexertion and repetitive motions are responsible for 61% of injuries in the janitorial industry.

Floor Cleaning Modes

The FX250 has 2 versatile cleaning modes, in addition to manual mode, that allow for a complete clean each and every time it is employed.

FX250 Cleaning Features

The FX250 commercial cleaning robot has an exclusive array of features that make it uniquely suited for excellence and quality in commercial floor care.

Available Soon!

A fleet of FX250s are being manufactured in the USA at this very moment. Orders are to be filled in 2019. Be one of the first to get the FX250 commercial cleaning robot.

We’re serious about safety

Our CEO, Kent McElhattan, served as the head of the National Safety Council (NSC) from 2010 - 2014. It is his dedication to reduce death and injury on the job that drives our company to create products that help humans remain safe in their workplaces.

“Nobody ever goes to work and expects to lose their life. Discovery Robotics is innovating solutions for the workplace that increase safety and productivity simultaneously. Nothing could be more important to me.”
Kent McElhattan
Kent McElhattan
President & CEO

Top notch customer support

Our skilled technicians are here to help you 24/7. After aiding in the initial set up of your machine, technicians will monitor and carry out any maintenance the FX250 commercial cleaning robot may require. If any unexpected issues arise, your FX250 technician will always be on call to help you out!

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