Sick of Shoveling Spring Snow?

It’s the middle of April, and snow storms are still plaguing much of the United States, making it feel as though the warm Spring weather will never come. By now, most of us have had our fill of hand-shoveling snow off of our sidewalks and driveways and these unusual snowfalls are causing continued work for those in the snow removal business. For those who are sick and tired of the snow this year, you will want to get in line for next season’s release of the SnowBot Pro, an autonomous snow-blowing robot.

The SnowBot Pro clears driveways and sidewalks with just the tap of an app. It is a gas-powered, autonomous machine that uses a 4-foot wide brush to plow snow from any outdoor surface. Left Hand Robotics, the proprietor of the SnowBot technology, acknowledges the difficulties that face snow and ice removal companies, property management companies, and government agencies when securing the necessary labor for snow removal on short notice. With a robot on staff, the issues of harsh conditions and strenuous work hours are nonexistent and save humans the risk of possible on-the-job injury. And with its optional addition of a rear deicer sprayer, this robot can turn a six-person job into a one-robot operation. The SnowBot Pro is currently in production for the Winter Season of 2018-2019. 

To learn more about the SnowBot Pro, to pre-order a unit, and to watch a video of it in action, click below!

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