The Army Wants YOU… To Build Their Robots

Uncle Sam robot

National Defense Magazine reported today that the U.S. Army is hosting a robotics competition playfully named “Bot-Tober Fest” this October in Columbus, Georgia. The contest is open to all individuals from high school students, to hobbyists, to U.S. military officers, to international partners, with cash prizes offered to non-government winners. The goal of the event is to leverage talent in the hope of filling gaps in capabilities within the Army’s current robotics inventory. A senior official was quoted at the Eurosatory land and air defense conference outside Paris earlier this month stating, “We’re going to put out a challenge and [say], ‘Hey, we need a robotic system that can do a ground reconnaissance, a surface reconnaissance and a subsurface reconnaissance of a bridge system or a dam system.’” He continued, “Build me a robot that can drive up to the shore, swim along the water line, submerge, come back out on the land.”

The bar is set high, but the robotics industry has never been more prepared to meet the challenge. To learn more about “Bot-Tober Fest,” read the full article from National Defense Magazine by clicking below.

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