Barbie’s Career of the Year – Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineer Barbie

With over 150 careers under her belt, in 2018, Barbie continues to break the plastic ceiling by taking on her newest profession, a Robotics Engineer. The dolls above appeared on Barbie’s Instagram account (@Barbie) yesterday along with the caption “A code to success is teamwork and careful calculation! Encourage your child to play out their own experiments with the Barbie Robotics Engineer dolls, available now…” 

Barbie has always been a trailblazer when it comes to her varying and technical careers. In fact, her first career ever began in the 1960’s when she was as an astronaut, four years before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Today, just as back then, Barbie is a role model for young women and girls around the world. She encourages women and girls to pursue the careers of their dreams. Her message is clear that women are valued hard workers present in every industry. 

Robotics in 2018 can only benefit from Barbie joining our workforce!

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