Franchise Opens Corporate Office in PA

Open Works Logo

OpenWorks, a commercial cleaning company founded in 1983, has expanded its franchise in 2018 to include the Keystone State. Situating their corporate offices on the Eastern side of the state, just outside of Philadelphia, OpenWorks hopes to expand their company by 20 franchises within the next 2 years. Expansion will reach as far West as Pittsburgh and will include Harrisburg and State College. The company hopes to broaden its client base in Pennsylvania to service local business parks, healthcare centers, K-12 schools, and much more. OpenWorks is a nation-wide company, with additional franchises in the works for locations in Orlando, Portland, Nashville, Kansas City, and Columbus. Best of luck to them!

When OpenWorks does reach Western Pennsylvania, we hope that Discovery Robotics can help them with their state and nation wide commercial cleaning takeover by selling a fleet of FX250’s to each of their new franchises!

Learn more about OpenWorks and their work by clicking below:

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