Gecko Robotics Secures Huge Funding Boost

Discovery Robotics would like to congratulate our friends at Gecko Robotics for their ability to secure a well-deserved round of $7 million in funding. This major investment comes from a few big names in capital. Money from Mark Cuban, Y Combinator, Founders Fund, The Westly Group, and Justin Kan makes up the $7 million that will allow Gecko Robotics to save lives with their bots.

Gecko Robotics engineers robots that are key to ensuring safety in industrial settings, as well as power plant facilities. These robots are charged with going ahead of humans and checking for any potential hazards on the job. The robots are equipped with proprietary magnetic adhesion technology that allows them to climb tanks, boilers, pipelines, and other industrial equipment. Then, using  a variety of sensors and lasers, the bot inspects structural integrity so that the humans onsite can ensure that their lives are not in danger.

Gecko is the first company in a decade to offer a solution to the workers’ safety in these scenarios. As our companies work towards similar goals of employee safety, we offer our congratulations again to the entire Gecko Robotics team!

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