Robots Keep Workers Off Dangerous Tasks

Robots Keep Workers Off Dangerous Tasks

Worker bots

It was on this idea that Discovery Robotics was founded over 4 years ago. Human life is precious, which is why we work so hard to create robots that can be used to increase employee productivity and safety. With the robot revolution present in increasing numbers of workplaces around the world, a common cry has been heard: 

“Robots are going to take my job!” 

This notion is not quite true. The use of robots in the workplace is primarily geared towards saving human bodies and minds from performing repetitive boring, strenuous, or dangerous tasks. Robots are not yet capable of quick adaptation and real-life problem solving, performing complex operations, and having abstract thoughts that human workers are able to offer. Furthermore, humans will always be necessary on the job in order to operate their robotic co-workers. Employees who are dealing with less of a workload thanks to a robot, can now reallocate their efforts towards work that requires more of a human touch.


To learn more about the robots that are improving workplace safety, in addition to the FX250, click the link below!

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  1. Kent McElhattan

    Robotics is going to contribute more to eliminate injury and death on the job than any other technology I see out there today. All of us at Discovery Robotics are delighted to be part of such honorable and worthy work. We need great people to help us. Check out our Careers link above and join our team.

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