Commercial Carpet Field Test

FX250 with bridges

Commercial Carpet Field Test

When it comes to flooring in commercial spaces, carpet is popular and has many factors that make it an appealing choice. For example, carpet creates warm and inviting atmospheres. High pile carpets provide walking comfort and sound dampening effects. Carpet fibers also act as filters that retain dust, dirt, and other allergens and pollutants. A thorough commercial carpet cleaner is needed to remove these contaminants to prevent them from being redistributed into the air.

The FX250 is currently the only autonomous floor cleaning robot on the market able to address carpet vacuuming. Discovery Robotics wanted to expand its cleaning capabilities to include varying sizes of carpet piles. We dove deep between the fibers of commercial carpet to test the FX250’s limitations and make successful improvements. Testing was conducted at a building once used as a manufacturing facility and then converted to other uses decades ago. The old carpet in this building was waterlogged over time due to leaks in the building, separating from the subfloor, and covered in debris – a true “worst case scenario” commercial carpet.

Before testing, the FX250 struggled to power through and turn on carpeted areas. Since testing at the facility, several improvements have been made to the FX250 that successfully allow it to clean varying carpet thicknesses. New motors created more driving power, and new “high tech” caster assemblies dramatically reduced rolling friction and “scuffing” during turns. This combination of design changes remarkably improved the FX250’s ability to maneuver on even the worst commercial carpeting situations.

With an extended life battery system and autonomous cleaning mode, the FX250 can now efficiently and successfully clean various commercial carpet terrains. The unique mobility of the FX250 also allows for it to transition from hard flooring to carpet with ease, so no matter if your commercial space has bare floors or thick carpet, the FX250 can accomplish your commercial floor cleaning needs. Please contact us via our website or at for more specifics about our recent field test or with any questions.

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