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Our Mission

We are Discovery Robotics. We were founded on the belief that robotics can make lives better for people. Our mission is to increase human productivity, safety, and quality of life by creating robotic solutions that deliver value to our customers.

We’re working to change floor maintenance forever with the FX250– our autonomous floor cleaning robot that makes cleaning faster, safer, more efficient, and more affordable than ever before.

Our Founders

Kent McElhattan

Kent McElhattan

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Kent is a successful entrepreneur who co-founded Industrial Scientific Corporation in 1985. As CEO, he led the company's growth into a worldwide enterprise focused on increasing workplace safety. In 2017, he sold the company to Fortive, who is continuing the improve upon the "employee first" philosophy that was instilled by Kent's leadership. He believes robotics will be part of the reason why people won't need to work in life-threatening situations in the future.
John Dolan, Co-Founder

John Dolan, PhD

Founder, Head Scientist
John is a co-founder and the Director of the Master's in Robotic Systems Development (MRSD) program at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He led his team for CMU's winning effort in the DARPA Urban Challenge and also lead a CMU research group that created an autonomous Cadillac SRX. He has a broad background in robot sensing, navigation and planning, spanning projects in the manufacturing, earth and space science, and defense domains and is a retired military intelligence officer.
Larry Williams, CTO

Larry Willams, PhD

Founder, Chief Technical Officer
As a co-founder of our company, Larry brings practical experience from long and successful careers as an Air Force officer and an executive at a top ten defense firm to the exploration of new horizons in helping humans through robotics. His diverse systems engineering background ranges from nuclear physics, to aircraft and space systems, to wireless communication networks. His dedication to robotics improving the lives of humans is unparalleled.
Zack Duncan

Zack Duncan

Founder, Marketing
As a co-founder, Zack mentors our marketing team by offering his expertise in analyzing market trends and prioritizing SEO content. He is a 10 year veteran of the corporate side of marketing for companies such as Dick's Sporting Goods and GNC with broad experience across CRM, planning, strategy and branding. Zack is especially interested in the world of marketing automation and all things digital.

Our Valued Employees

Britta Ulm, Project Director

Britta Ulm

Project Director, FX250
Britta is an unstoppable, mechanically-minded roboticist who started as our Systems Engineer and is now Project Director, as of March of 2018, due to her dedication to this project, as well as her vast knowledge and understanding of robotics. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from University of Colorado, Boulder and her Master’s Degree from Carnegie Mellon in Robotic Systems Development. She is passionate about robotic systems design, safety, and thinking outside the box to solve intricate issues. She has previously held engineering positions with Lockheed Martin, Ansaldo STS, Trusst, and AbiliLife.
Manomit Bal, Software Engineer

Manomit Bal

Lead Software Engineer
Manomit joined us in the Summer of 2016 as an intern, and after graduating from the University of Buffalo with his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering, he re-joined our team as a full-time software engineer. He quickly demonstrated his leadership skills and intuitive problem solving skills, resulting in his becoming our Lead Software Engineer. Bringing with him a background from research on Vision, Perception, and Sensor Networks, and a passion for robotics, he loves to teach and help machines find their way in the world with robustness and efficiency.
Dave Callen, Technician

Dave Callen

Lead Technician
Dave is an expert technician with over 30 years of experience in the computer and medical device industries. He has previously held positions with MEDRAD, now Bayer, and the Department of Anesthesiology at UPMC. Most of his experience lies in Research & Development, building and evaluating prototypes, which is the expertise that he brings to his work at our company. In contrast with his technical career, he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music and a Master's Degree in Music Education from Carnegie Mellon University. His attention to detail and passion for technology make him an invaluable member of our team.
Sujith Kumar, Software Engineer

Sujith Kumar

Embedded Software Engineer
Sujith is our go-to engineer for programming various, elaborate microcontroller boards. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Communications from India and obtained a Master's degree in Embedded Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University here in Pittsburgh, PA. With his passion towards Real Time Operating Systems and ARM Microcontrollers, he is often found surrounded with electronics in his office. He works tirelessly and with conviction to troubleshoot any and all issues that our software team comes to face.
Ishit Shah, Mechanical Engineer

Ishit Shah

Mechanical Engineer
With an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a goal of becoming a design engineer, Ishit pursued his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. During his time there, he perfected his skills in CAD modeling, computational engineering, and Finite element Analysis. On our team, he uses these skills to generate our innovative and effective tool designs. His passions lie in travel, engineering design, and cars.
Teja Kadem, Software Engineer

Dharmateja Kadem

Motion Planning Engineer
Teja is our Motion Planning Engineer who graduated with a Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from CVR College of Engineering in India. While there, he discovered a passion for robotics and went on to complete his Master’s in Robotics Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He joined us as an intern in the Summer of 2016 and was brought on full-time upon completion of his degree. He brings with him a background of research in path planning, assisting in innovative approaches for our robot’s planning algorithms.
Emily Kauffman, Software Engineer

Emily Kauffman

Software Engineer
Emily has spent most of her career as a front-end developer and has used this experience while working extensively on designing and developing the user interface of the FX250. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Computing & Information Studies with a concentration in Graphic Design from Washington & Jefferson College. She is currently working towards obtaining her Master's in Information Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh. She is passionate about learning new skills and can be counted on to cover any task asked of her. She's an advocate for open-source, knowledge-sharing, and accessibility by default.
"Nobody ever goes to work and expects to lose their life. Discovery Robotics is innovating solutions for the workplace that increase safety and productivity simultaneously. Nothing could be more important to me."
Kent McElhattan, CEO
Kent McElhattan