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Lithium-Ion Batteries – Safe, Long-lasting, and Rechargeable

Lithium-Ion Batteries Safe, Long-lasting, and Rechargeable Most of us rely on lithium-ion batteries in our day to day lives without even realizing it. They are present in power tools, cell phones, and other portable devices the world over. Their prevalence … Read More

Robots Keep Workers Off Dangerous Tasks

Robots Keep Workers Off Dangerous Tasks It was on this idea that Discovery Robotics was founded over 4 years ago. Human life is precious, which is why we work so hard to create robots that can be used to increase … Read More

Gecko Robotics Secures Huge Funding Boost

Discovery Robotics would like to congratulate our friends at Gecko Robotics for their ability to secure a well-deserved round of $7 million in funding. This major investment comes from a few big names in capital. Money from Mark Cuban, Y … Read More

Franchise Opens Corporate Office in PA

OpenWorks, a commercial cleaning company founded in 1983, has expanded its franchise in 2018 to include the Keystone State. Situating their corporate offices on the Eastern side of the state, just outside of Philadelphia, OpenWorks hopes to expand their company … Read More

Best Autonomous Cleaning Robots for Home Use

Even for those of you who not live in a large industrial space like the ones that the FX250 is designed for, you can still have a sleek autonomous cleaning robot in your daily life! The same injuries that occur in the … Read More

Robotic Bees Help Halt Extinction

No, this isn’t from that Black Mirror episode, this is really happening. Researchers at FOCAS (Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems) just completed a 5-year study on the benefit of introducing robotic bees into hives, taking the first steps to attempt … Read More

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Sick of Shoveling Spring Snow?

It’s the middle of April, and snow storms are still plaguing much of the United States, making it feel as though the warm Spring weather will never come. By now, most of us have had our fill of hand-shoveling snow … Read More