Behind the Bots: Meet Larry Williams, PhD

In our new blog series, Behind the Bots, meet some of the talented team members of Discovery Robotics. We will explore how these individuals are pushing the boundaries of autonomous technology and using their human intellect to create safe and … Read More

Robot Localization: The FX250 Owns the Court

At Discovery Robotics we’re excited for March Madness! At this point, you might be wondering what autonomous robots and basketball have in common. Well, if you didn’t know, basketball courts are notoriously hard to clean with robotic equipment. It’s like … Read More

Technology Comparison: The FX250 vs. Brain OS

At Discovery Robotics, we are frequently asked how the FX250 floor cleaning robot compares with machines using the Brain operating system (OS). Afterall, when looking for a robot to make your cleaning operations more productive, convenient and safer, you consider … Read More

Disinfect vs Sanitize: Ways to Commercially Clean

Nowadays, commercial spaces do not only have to worry about removing dirt and dust from surfaces. With flu season in full swing and COVID-19 a daily topic, surfaces must be effectively cleaned to ensure a safe experience for guests and … Read More

Airport Cleaning: Essential Workers Keeping Conditions Clear for Takeoff

Airport Cleaning: Essential Workers Keeping Conditions Clear for Takeoff It’s not all clear skies ahead for the air travel industry these days. Large scale facilities like airports face a maintenance dilemma. The more people you serve and business you conduct, … Read More

Reduction of Musculoskeletal Injury with the FX250

Reduction of Musculoskeletal and Other Workplace Injuries There are roughly 2.5 million janitorial jobs in the United States alone. In the janitorial profession, many tasks present safety challenges. For example, repetitive motions of cleaning high to low surfaces have the … Read More

Commercial Carpet Field Test

Commercial Carpet Field Test When it comes to flooring in commercial spaces, carpet is popular and has many factors that make it an appealing choice. For example, carpet creates warm and inviting atmospheres. High pile carpets provide walking comfort and … Read More

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Field Test

FX250 -Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Field Test What does the FX250 autonomous floor-cleaning robot and animals such as bats and dolphins have in common? They all use sonar, and in the FX250’s case a combination of sonar and LiDAR, … Read More

The FX250 Enters Full Production

The FX250 Enters Full Production As 2019 is now fully upon us, we are pleased to announce that the FX250 has moved from pilot manufacturing to full production. Cygnus Manufacturing Company (CMC), our full-service partner, is ISO 9000 certified, ITAR … Read More

Convention Center Field Test – FX250

FX250 – Convention Center Field Test Convention Center Field Test Discovery Robotics successfully tested the FX250 autonomous floor-cleaning robot in convention center field tests earlier this month. The FX250 was rigorously tested at a 1,500,000-square-foot convention, conference and exhibition building … Read More