FX250 Floor Cleaning Modes

FX250 Floor Cleaning Modes

Teach and Repeat Cleaning Mode

What is teach and repeat and how does it help the FX250 perform better?

The teach and repeat cleaning mode allows the user to manually drive the FX250 in any desired route and add that path to the task list for autonomous completion. The path can be as long or as short as necessary and can involve both sharp turns and extended straightaways. It will be most useful in a space that contains a lot of furniture or a unique architectural design that may make it difficult for the FX250 to maneuver without the sensors halting the process. 

What is the process to teach and repeat?
The user will engage the Teach and Repeat mode on the User Interface. The user will then use the joystick to drive the FX250 in any desired pattern for as long as necessary. This path can then be added to the task list along with other task areas and taught paths. The FX250 will repeat the path once, but can be added to the task list as many times as needed.


What kind of paths can be created using teach and repeat?

Any shape, path, or pattern that the user may desire can be taught to the FX250 to be repeated during cleaning. If an obstacle comes across the path that the user created, the FX250 may deviate in order to safely continue.

Autonomous Cleaning Mode

How does the autonomous cleaning process work?
After a skilled set up team aids the customer in mapping the layout of their desired task areas, a task list based on that map is created by the user. This list is used to assign different task areas to be cleaned at the user’s discretion. The FX250 will clean the assigned areas with the appropriate tool (as chosen by the user) with over 95% pick up and accuracy.

After starting the autonomous cleaning mode, does the FX250 ever need to be redirected?
No, once the task list is set by the user, the FX250 will not stop until the list is completed. If any service or environment issues arise during task completion, the user will be notified. 

How will users know when the robot is finished cleaning?
Text and email alerts are an optional feature when setting up user accounts. The user can opt-in to receive task completion alerts as well as other functional notifications, such as low battery, service required, or task time estimates. When the task is complete, the FX250 will return to its “Home” location.


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