The FX250

FX250: The Autonomous Cleaning Robot For Large Commercial Spaces

Advanced Patented Technology

The FX250 was designed to bring cleaning efficiencies to large indoor spaces like convention centers and airports. While other autonomous cleaning robots often require human intervention to avoid getting lost in such large spaces, the FX250 uses an innovative LiDAR mapping system and patented cleaning innovations to stay on task and operate efficiently.


The FX250 is an autonomous cleaning robot built with people in mind. Not only does the machine help keep janitorial staff by shouldering repetitive floor cleaning work, but the onboard vision and sonar sensors allow the robot to operate safely in the midst of travelers and customers.

Long Lasting

Commercial floor cleaning has never been more resilient. The FX250 has heavy duty components constructed for enduring performance. And with an extended life battery system, it doesn't need to stop for a charge until the job is done. While the FX250 handles the floors, more of the human cleaning staff can be deployed to high-touch, high-value work.


The FX250 can clean 21,000 square feet per hour. This autonomous cleaning robot can do the mapping and navigation itself and efficiently chart its own course. Large facilities like airports, convention centers can benefit from adding the productivity of the FX250 to their skilled human cleaning teams.

Interested in Autonomous Floor Cleaning With the FX250?

  • Interchangeable Tool System – Our interchangeable tool system allows you to purchase one main chassis and multiple interchangeable tools for various types of flooring and the proper cleaning solution for each
  • Extended Life Battery System – Our lithium-ion batteries are good for about 6 years of battery life, or 1,500 charge cycles, and they last 8-hours plus on a single charge.
  • Full Coverage Cleaning – The FX250 will cover over 95% of the task area assigned, not including underneath furniture or any major architectural barriers.
  • Mapping for Autonomous Functionality – In our fully autonomous planning and navigation mode, the FX250 uses LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) to map a given area in 2 dimensions. 
  • Teach and Repeat Cleaning Mode
  • Autonomous Cleaning Mode
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