The FX250

The FX250

The FX250 autonomous cleaning robot operates with people in mind. It’s built from the ground up to run without human intervention, allowing your team to reallocate their time to other tasks that require a human touch. The FX250s interchangeable tools3D mapping, and navigation/obstacle avoidance technology bring cleaning efficiencies to large indoor spaces without the need for human intervention.  

Comprised of the main chassis and interchangeable tools, the FX250 offers cleaning solutions for a wide variety of floor surfaces. Rather than purchasing single tool floor cleaning units, the FX250’s interchangeable tool system allows you to select the best tool for the job. Whether deep cleaning carpets or sweeping up larger debris, the FX250’s tools are the solution to your floor cleaning needs.

The FX250 operates safely amid travelers and customers alike. It’s equipped with 3D LiDAR technology, which creates a 360-degree map of the cleaning area. This map allows the FX250 to view everything from the floor to the ceiling for up to 100 meters. Additionally, the FX250’s ultrasonic sensors detect glass and other transparent surfaces. Whether the task area includes garbage cans, tables, and chairs, or people, the FX250 detects all obstacles and easily maneuvers around them. 

Commercial floor cleaning has never been more resilient. The FX250 has heavy-duty components constructed for enduring performance. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the FX250 boasts an eight-hour run time. The extended battery life allows the FX250 to clean up to 21,000 square feet per hour. Additionally, the battery is rechargeable and lasts for several years, even under extreme use. 

While the FX250 cleans the floors, your staff can focus on more high-touch, high-value work. Manually sweeping or vacuuming these areas puts excessive strain on the body, resulting in increased musculoskeletal injuries. Implementing robotic technology reduces workplace injuries while allowing your team to focus on the more high-touch tasks. 

Mapping, obstacle avoidance/navigation, battery life, and workplace safety- that’s what the FX250 can bring to your business. When it comes to floors, the FX250 autonomous cleaning robot by Discovery Robotics sweeps up the competition.