Cleaning Innovation: Robotic Patents Behind the FX250

From its design to its function, the FX250 is powered by patented technology. These patents create cleaning innovation for the commercial floor cleaning industry. With accuracy and precision in mind, our experienced team of engineers has developed optimal cleaning solutions for large area environments. 


Discovery Robotics’ unique patents supporting cleaning innovation are:

Cleaning Innovation - FX250 - Remote Planning
Remote Planning and Locally Adaptive Service Mapping

Expansive hallways in airports and mixed flooring materials in convention centers pose unique difficulties for robotic technology. Normally, large spaces like these would require a robotic unit to have vast amounts of processing power to utilize its electronic maps in real time. In addition, planning for large commercial areas becomes an even more complex task when factoring in variables such as irregular areas, furniture, and cleaning tool options.



The FX250’s Remote Planning and Locally Adaptive Service Mapping simplifies this process by combining remote non-real-time processing with real-time adaptation. For each designated task area, pre-planned pathways are dynamically loaded into the FX250. The FX250 then follows these pathways until a real-time obstacle appears. Upon discovering an obstacle, the FX250 diverts to local planning processes to avert the obstruction until it can return to the pre-planned pathways.

Teach and Repeat Mode

A new level of precision and repeatability is achieved with the FX250’s Teach and Repeat Mode. A precise “bread crumb trail” of positions is first imaged. These images later guide the FX250 through any desired cleaning route. Due to the accuracy of the sensor suite, the FX250 completes true repeatable cleaning pathways with any sharp turns, irregular arcs, or unique patterns needed.


Combined with Remote Planning and Locally Adaptive Service Mapping, the FX250 has the adaptive navigational capabilities needed to clean large commercial environments with unpredictable challenges.

Cleaning Innovation FX250 Teach and Repeat
Cleaning Innovation FX250 Interchangeable Tools
Interchangeable Tools: A Reconfigurable Robotic Platform
Our patented interchangeable tool system allows for quick reconfiguration. A single FX250 can perform the wide range of floor care needed – sweeping, scrubbing, vacuuming, and more. Individual tools easily slide in and out of the single main unit on rails, making setup an easy task.

Each individual tool of the FX250 communicates directly with the main unit’s processor, providing function-specific control. This allows for the FX250’s range of cleaning functions to expand as new tools become available without the need of lengthy and significant updates to the core software.