Commercial Cleaning Focused Robotics Company?

The reason for our commitment to commercial cleaning.

Does it seem odd for a robotics company to be focused on the commercial floor cleaning industry?

It shouldn’t.  We believe commercial cleaning gives us the best opportunity to fulfill our mission: making lives better and safer for people through the power of robotics.

There is great opportunity for autonomous cleaning in the commercial cleaning space, but the right tools for the job don’t currently exist.  Large buildings such as schools, hospitals, airports and malls need their floors cleaned daily to maintain standards for their students, patients, travelers and customers.  That’s where the FX250 comes in.

At Discovery, we are committed to finding ways to improve the lives of people through innovations in robotics. The janitorial occupation has one of the highest rates of injury and illness resulting in lost time at work. ​We are excited about helping to change that through our commercial cleaning robot and the best practices we’ve learned while operating our own cleaning services division. ​

The Problem With Commercial Cleaning

Back pain

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, back injuries (46 %) and shoulder injuries (15%) are the most common musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) requiring time off work for cleaning staff.

These common MSD injuries are typically caused by overexertion and repetitive motions. Until now, the standard advice has been to reduce the amount that workers need to bend and stretch through angled tools, and increasing the use of battery-powered equipment. This can help, but it doesn’t solve the problem with floors that need to be maintained every day to ensure high cleaning and visual standards.

It’s not surprising that the largest source of injuries is cleaning ground surfaces. In fact, a full 25% of all injuries in the custodial industry are directly caused by floor maintenance tasks.

How we can solve it

Gears inside a head

With our autonomous commercial floor cleaning robot, much of the the burden of repetitive, mechanical actions is lifted from the shoulders of the rest of the cleaning staff.

With the FX50 handling the bulk of the floor cleaning, the rest of the custodial team will have the flexibility to cover the higher-value tasks and interpersonal interactions that don’t always get the time they deserve.

This enhances overall performance and customer satisfaction while helping to keep the custodial staff safe and on the job.