What tools are available?
Available now is the vacuum tool module that has over a 96% debris pick up rating for both carpet and hard-floor. The sweeper tool module, which is designed specifically for hard floor debris pick up but can also be used on carpet.

What are the benefits of the interchangeable tool system?
Rather than purchasing multiple floor cleaning units, this interchangeable tool system allows you to purchase one main chassis and multiple interchangeable tools for various types of flooring and the proper cleaning solution for each. This cuts costs, saves space, and is twice as useful as a machine limited with one tool inside.

How easy is it to change the tools?
The tool modules are sold with their own trolley used to store and move the tool module while it is not inside of the main unit. The trolley is designed with tracks on which the tool sits that directly line up with the same tracks on the hollow inside of the robot’s main chassis. To remove or insert a tool module, simply line up these tracks and slide the tool in and out of the main chassis.

Are the main chassis operations affected by the tool change?
The tools operate independently from the main chassis. All tools are compatible with all main chassis. Individual tool modules can be purchased at any time to replace or add to the fleet of floor cleaning tools.The only aspect of the main chassis affected by the tool change is the battery life.