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Britta Ulm Named Project Director

Effective on March 1st, Britta Ulm has been promoted to the newly created position of Project Director, FX250, reporting to the CEO.  In this position, Britta will have responsibility for leading the FX250 Floor Cleaning Robot through the final stages of development and into … Read More

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Advanced Commercial Robotics in Everyday Life

In 2018, we expect advanced commercial robotics to continue to emerge in many facets of everyday life. While there are already robots working in factories, this year we will increasingly see them in places like retail stores and in everyday … Read More

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Commercial Floor Cleaners are Gaining Traction

At Discovery Robotics, we firmly believe that robotics can increase human productivity, safety, and quality of life. Since we started, we’ve been fully focused on commercial cleaning with a specific emphasis on floor care. In 2018 autonomous commercial floor cleaners … Read More

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The Year of Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robotics

For those interested in autonomous floor cleaning, 2018 brings great promise. There were new developments in 2017 with robotic floor cleaning solutions appearing in retail outlets and hospitals, and we expect that trend to accelerate in the new year. Likely … Read More

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